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「A pure and simple silence; a sharp and quelling dream.」

89¢ Worth of Chemicals.
29 August 1988
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I never managed to really get this thing how I wanted it, so I'm now declaring it Under Construction for a bit. Pardon our dust while we create a less unwieldly profile!
"mars in our time", 19th century human dissection, alex grey, american psycho, anatomy and physiology, androids, animation, anti-creationism, arcades, armchair science, art nouveau, baccano!, bad-ass fucking fractals, being in awe, bioluminescence, boa, bush, camping, caverns, centaur, classical antiquity, climbing trees, comics, cooling towers, cosmology, crafts, cubic crystals, curry, dark chocolate, darling violetta, david cronenberg, diy, don bluth, douglas coupland, elder scrolls, enthusiastic violence, everyday strangeness, evolutionary biology, firefly, fizzy water, forests, forteana, fossils, fullmetal alchemist, fusion power, futurama, gallows humor, gardening, geodes, gleeful eccentricity, glow in the dark, good ol' star wars, green buildings, grunge, hakaba kitaro, halo, haruki murakami, hedonism, henna, hexic, hiking, hitchhiker's guide, hum, inline skating, invader zim, iron man, jigsaw puzzles, joy in living, katamari damacy, kino's journey, kissing in graveyards, kittycats, labcoats, learning, logic games, long car rides, low-flying aircraft, lucid dreaming, m*a*s*h, madeleine l'engle, makoto shinkai, marine biology, matrix trilogy, messing with prisms, mission hill, moving mountains, musty old books, my beat-up boots, my microscope collection, mythical beasts, neuroscience, no reservations, nostalgia, old junk, origami, osamu tezuka, outlaw star, pacific temperate rain forests, petting stray cats, pho, photography, planetary science, plant neurobiology, plastination, playing with firecrackers, post-rock, powerlines, quentin tarantino, reluctant singularitarianism, retrofuturism, roswell, rpgs, rune factory, rutile, sashimi, science fiction, scp foundation, scrabble, second-hand everything, skeletons, soul eater, space exploration, spacey 90s guitar riffs, splatstick, sriracha on everything, steampunk, street art, strong coffee, surreal humor, swimming at high tide, swing sets, tea, the pᴀper chᴀse, the space race, the twilight zone, threadless, tom lehrer, trigun, tsutomu nihei, unabashed geekiness, vending machines, venture bros., watchmen, weather, wiki walks, wind farms, wordplay, yokohama kaidashi kikou, yoshitoshi abe, zeerust